The SFP Bulletin

Last update: August 22nd, 1997

The SFP Bulletin is the newsletter published 5 times a year for the SFP members'
It specifically concerns:

Each year, the March issue relates news of the general assembly of the SFP, giving the composition of the recently elected Board and Commitee; the October issue includes the application sheet for membership renewal and contribution (including subscription to the Bulletin) with corresponding rates. The Bulletin also edits the invitation and the programme of the general SFP Congress.

Editorial contributions come principally from sollicitation from the Editorial Committee; they can also be proposed by the readers. They should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief of the Bulletin at the SFP headquarters -unless otherwise specified. All contributions are processed by the Editorial Committee which decides on their acceptance for publication.

Editorial Committee

The editorial committee member list (Editor-in-Chief, Publication assistant, Editorial Advisory Committee) can be found at the bottom of the corresponding french page

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