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The French Physical Society is a state-approved association whose aim is to promote Physics in France together with all French Physicists. (Article 1, regulations).
It is governed by a board which coordinates all actions run by its delegates, namely the local sections , the sub-field divisions (of focussed interests), and the work commissions .

All people working for the SFP and its members are voluntary physicists with a deep interest in the field of Physics, whose intent is to serve the promotion of Science in general.

The primary role of the SFP is to represent the French Physicists' community - as much as possible- in contact with the government and other scientific authorities or societies: Academy of Sciences, homologous Societies (French Societies of Acoustics, Optics, Vacuum, etc, French Society of Mathematicians), Union of Physicists (which groups physics teachers in high schools).

The second objective is to promote an interest in Physics with the general public (see the Physics and Media Commission). Therefore it takes part in events such as 'Science en fête', and all kinds of activities organized by the local sections , or the sub-field divisions .

Finally, the last objective of the SFP is to promote contact between physicists. Therefore the SFP Bulletin plays a major role while communicating scientific information in multi-field Physics and reporting activities of the sections, the divisions and the commissions. Each year several prizes are awarded to physicists in honour of specific works or actions towards the promotion of Physics outside the community. The Physics Exhibit also plays a major role in contacts between university and industrial physicists. Finally the General Congress is the only physics congress where all fields of physics are represented and discussed. More recently the society paid a special attention to questions related to young physicists .

New: Topical Meetings on Physics .

The French Physical Society is the main shareholder of the EDP Sciences.

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